Reality is subjective.

It was around 6pm when me and Sanvir (@sanvirchana) met up. This was originally the first shoot I wanted to do for IAmSapra. We both came with one idea in mind, which was to make use off the Christmas lights. As it was around December time we wanted to go for something a bit festive but still smart.

I wanted to wear a Velvy blazer (yes that’s another made up word, I know I need to stop making up words… rolling eye emoji). I got hold of this bad boy a while ago, but I’ve been wanting and waiting to for a perfect shoot to wear a such a blazer. I guess the back of my mind I’ve always had the thought of “Its such a statement piece” and “I’m going to look so overdressed”, But then I thought hey ho. Why not? And boy did the shots come out good.


IAmSapra – The Velvy


IAmSapra – The Velvy

IAmSapra – The Velvy

I paired it up with a turtle neck. Layering is a key around winter time, especially if you want to look classy and stay warm, get yourself a good quality turtle neck. The only problem is; everyone has one especially black or navy! That’s why I went for a different colour- beige. Wearing lighter colours underneath your blazer allows your darker colour to look much cleaner. I guess thats  everyone loves white shirts with suits. Makes your suit looks bawsy (I know; I’ll stop)

I Layered up with a green double-breasted coat too. I think the pictures came out pretty dope. Let me know what you guys think?

IAmSapra – The Velvy

IAmSapra – The Velvy


IAmSapra – The Velvy


Styling up during winter is my favourite. I think its beccause you can wear everything, literally and style it how you want.  I’ve always been into style. Not really the latest trends or fashion, as per say, but style.

You see fashion is objective. It’s just one direction (mind the pun) in which something is developing or changing. But personally, I don’t keep up with trends. I’d much rather wear what I want, where I want. Something which pleases my subjective taste. After all… Reality is subjective.


Blazer – ASOS

 Turtle Neck – Topman

 Trousers – New look Men

 Coat – Zara


Raja x



  1. These pictures are amazing, and your fashion is very stylish! Very dapper and inspiring.

  2. Love this one!