Prom Day. Remarkably known as one of the best days ever for a man. End of an era, and a start of a new one. It’s an opportunity for a boy to finally turn into a man. An opportunity for him to dress up and “show off” in front of his peers. Prom for me, was one hell of a good night. Something I will always look back to.

This year, I have had an amazing opportunity to team up with Moss Bros to showcase their new prom collection.

Moss Bros

I’m a sucker for suits. I guess most of us men are, and when a brand like Moss Bros hit you up, you just know your suit game is just going to hit another level. Last week Moss Bros were kind enough to send me this amazing grey suit from their new SS17 collection, I knew exactly where to shoot this. Bank. Now shooting on a Friday was probably not the best idea (I know, silly me), but I'm pretty pleased with how the pictures turned out [caption id="attachment_697" align="alignright" width=