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HOLY MOLY ! Winter has arrived … ONCE AGAIN.

Am I excited? Yes! Am I looking forward to the Christmas lights around Oxford Street and having loads of coffee? Yes ! Do I have loads of exciting content coming for you guys? Yes?! Have I found a new favourite coat? urm… HELL YES!

Soooooooo,  as you all probably know by now I am a sucker for coats. They literally make or break your outfit around this time of year. A well-tailored coat is super hard to find and can either be HELLA expensive or just boring and very common. I always make sure that every year as the temperature starts decreasing, I get a really good coat to keep me ready for the months ahead. I tend to make sure that quality and style is a priority when investing but I also try to mix it up now and again just so I can keep the wardrobe exciting.  This time I headed up to Superdry on Regent Street to see what they had in store for this A/W season…


I tend to head there now and again as their puffer jackets and hoodies are amazing (I have a few too many). But to my surprise, their coat game has gone WAAAY UP, I was genuinely surprised. Not only their coats but a lot of the new pieces look a lot more luxury and premium. It’s safe to say that Superdry, as a brand are emphasising their quality with their garms.

Anyway, as soon as I stepped in the store my eye was quickly drawn to this trench coat and I knew I had to cop. To be completely honest I have been looking for a black trench coat for so long. But they’re either super thin and flimsy or just really out of shape. This one however, was perfectooo !! The main thing I loved was the different elements of the jacket, it looks so clean and simple but there is so much going on.  As soon as I tried it on it fitted on me like a glove. Not to mention it’s thick and flexible at the same time, so you can be warm but comfy too. If you’re relatively tall (5ft 10+) I’d say trench coats can defo up your fashion game this season.  Especially if you want to look like a badass and stand out from the common long coats everyone will be wearing!

This trench coat is comfy, classy and timeless. Name me better combo peeps?! You can’t – HA !


You see, the best thing about a black trench coat is that it’s timeless. Just like a well fitted black suit. You can wear it 10 years from now and it will still look dapper. To put the cherry on top, this Superdry trench coat is not only belted across the waist, but the wrist is belted as well. So you can make it tighter or looser depending on if you’re wearing a chunky knit or just a t-shirt/ shirt! I’ve styled my trench coat with a crisp white shirt, dark checkered trousers and formal lace-ups to give it the business/formal look. The reason for this is that you don’t want to go over the top when wearing a trench coat. It is such a statement piece that everything else you wear should be kept super minimal otherwise you will look like you’re trying too hard! You can even dress this down with a simple pair of black jeans, a comfy knitted jumper, and some Chelsea boots!

Whilst shopping I also picked up some extra bits from Superdry – standard Sapra behaviour ey. I’ll be shooting them soon and will be posting them on my Instagram page. I’ve added the links below to see what I got and feel free to check what other coats and jackets they have in store. I will definitely be going back for another visit…

Cheerios for now !!

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