Yo Peeps, how are we?

Can I just say, one thing that I find really exciting about blogging and I’m pretty sure a lot of you bloggers feel the same (I hope so anyway!) is the anticipation of seeing how your photos have turned out after a shoot! That’s how I feel every week which (thank god) makes me very excited for the weekdays so I can share with you all what I have been up to and all this cool imagery!

So this week your boy took off to Westminster to get some smart/city type pics! I wanted to go for a suit vibe, but not a full suit! To be honest, my go to smart looks are always mixed and match, I hardly wear a full suit unless it’s for a special occasion. I feel like a few colours  can help Jazz up your outfit a bit and give you that edge to stand out!

So anyway, with this outfit I wanted to go for a darker look, hitting the navy, blacks, and browns, and so I took to my favourite shop in the world, REISS! And yes, this was my favorite outfit to shoot in a looooong time! Also, I’ve recently been getting a lot of Dm’s/Emails on Instagram in regards to where I get my outfits from, So I’ve decided to add the links down below so it’s easier for you guys to shop !!

Check it out and let me know what you guys think of this look !?


Shop the look Below:






Base London