Starbucks and THAT!! This is literally my dream collaboration…to say the least.  For everyone who follows me on Instagram (which I’m guessing is most of you, if not hit me up @iamsapra), you would know that I’m always shouting out Starbucks on my stories and it goes a little something like…

“@StarbucksUK hit me up !!” LOL

Thinking they would never actually get in touch. But funny enough…they actually did! And oh boy was I excited.

From as long as I can remember I have always been a Starbucks fan! It is usually my go-to place for a catch up with friends, to grab a quick coffee and now a place where I work from too! So when Starbucks hit me up and were like do you want to try our new Cold Brew Latte. I was like HELL YEAH, I mean it was only right to!

There are three new drinks in the range;  The Cold Brew Latte, Nitro Cold Brew Blanco and the Nitro Cold Brew Banco Caramel. Being the Starbucks fanatic that I am, I have tried all three and they are amazing. The whole idea of this new range is to take the warmer versions (Latte and Caramel Latte) and make them consumable for summer, which obviously makes sense seeing that it’s too hot for a warm latte now. Out of the three, my personal fave is the Cold Brew Latte.  I have literally had one every time I see a Starbucks (I know, I need to stop) but they’re just super refreshing!! My only tip would be to ask them to add some sugar/sweeteners whilst making it, if you like your lattes a bit sweet!!

So next time you’re having a Starbucks, shout them out on Insta and you never know, they might even hit you up for a collab…


  1. You are gonna grab BritishGQ,Armani,vogue magazine ,Burberry ……….

  2. This is awesome, man! Keep up the good work and inspiring others. 🙂

    • Thank you Collin, Really appreciate it man !

  3. Love these images mate