Hey guys, how are you all?

So as some of you know me and New look have teamed up for a whole year to work on producing amazing content for you guys too see. Every month I head into a new look store to pick up some bits and bobs and start producing some content. I must say, as the seasons unfold, new look keep getting better and better. The quality of clothing isn’t just super comfy, but feels luxurious too! Especially as a high street brand, which is what I love about working with certain men’s brands, they just keep evolving and getting better every season !!

I think there was/still is a lack of awareness about the menswear section at New Look which is annoying, but also exciting I guess – I’ve had too many conversations in the last month alone that go along the lines of;

Random – “That’s a real nice jacket! Where’s it from?”

Me – *smug look* “Ha! New Look Men”

 So for this month, I knew I wanted to jaz up the blog and get myself a nice statement piece and mix up my wardrobe! With this look, I’ve put together some simple black boots, black skinny jeans and this stone coloured aviator jacket with a borg collar (I’m all about the borg/shearling no matter whether it’s on trend or not, but bonus – this season it is!). If you follow me on socials (@iamsapra), you’ll know that I love a statement piece, whether it’s a jacket/coat or my footwear, it’s always a staple for me.

What do you guys think of this look?