Prom Day. Remarkably known as one of the best days ever for a man. End of an era, and a start of a new one. It’s an opportunity for a boy to finally turn into a man. An opportunity for him to dress up and “show off” in front of his peers. Prom for me, was one hell of a good night. Something I will always look back to.

This year, I have had an amazing opportunity to team up with Moss Bros to showcase their new prom collection. When picking up my suit, I knew I wanted to go for something timeless. Something classic, especially for such a dapper occasion. I picked up this clean navy suit from their Promfather collection (its called the ‘Jackquard’). What do you guys think?

IAmSapra – Prom

Proms is an occasion you will always look back on. The dance moves, the pictures, oh and that one teacher going crazy after a few drinks (trust me, there’s always one)…but the thing you will remember the most is how you looked and dressed that night. When it comes to prom, there are three main things you  should taking into consideration…

The Fit:

When buying your prom suit, go for a slim fit. Not skinny, not regular, but slim. Why you ask? A slim fit is more timeless, more suave. Where as a regular fit tends to leave a bit more space , a slim fit suit will hug your frame and fit like a glove, but not so closely that you look suffocated (unless that’s the look you’re after). It allows you to be comfortable and look the part, all at the same time.

Attention to Detail:

Remember. Attention to detail matters, always. To stand out more during your prom night, get yourself a few key pieces which help your outfit POP out a little  more. You name it; bow ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, a nice watch, a cuff bracelet. But don’t make the mistake of wearing too many colours. Keep it minimal. For example, a white pocket square is such an important accessory to have, it just gives your outfit that clean cut edge.


They say a mans shoes reveal all there is to know about a man. So they should be one of your biggest wardrobe investments – it’s important to make sure you are making the right buying choices. Instead of your regular lace up derby or oxford shoes, I have chosen to pick out the mighty monk strap. So with either a double strap and buckle fastening or minimal single strap they’re a perfect option for Prom. So for those who are bored of investing in a traditional lace up, these are a great refreshing alternative.

Proms a night of a lifetime. A night to remember. Its a night for you to be whoever you are. If you guys are looking for more tips and inspiration for this prom season, check out the Moss bros website\lookbook.


Also, be sure to check out the dope prom-father competition from Moss Bros, where you can get a lucky ride to prom. Wish I had this when I was going to prom (rolls eye)

IAmSapra – Prom

IAmSapra – Prom

IAmSapra – Prom


IAmSapra x