The blog post is sponsored by Primark 

Hey folks! Today I have a very exciting post for you…

So from the very beginning of me starting this whole blogging thing, the goal was to just enjoy doing what I was doing. But the most important factor was to be given creative freedom, and a bit of control when working on projects with brands, and that’s why working with Primark over the past year has been so amazing! Not only have I been able to showcase my current favorite Primark pieces but I have also teamed up with them to make my third style vid for you guys!! To say I’m excited is an understatement!

So Primark hit me up and were like “Hey Raja, you’re going back to uni, aren’t you? Why don’t you come and pick up some pieces to help you stay fresh during final year?” Of course of jumped at the chance and was like “HELL YEAH!”.  I remember my first year of university, Primark was like my go to place for pieces and its crazy to think a few years later I’m working with them on a back to a university project. Lifes crazy ey? So for this project, I picked up 3/4 of my go to looks at university. From dressing up for presentations to chilling with friends. Your boys go it all covered for you…

So here goes…

For the first look, I went for the CHILL vibes. Of course!

As much as unis’ a hustle and bustle, you want to be and look comfy but…not homeless at the same time. Especially during those 9 am lectures, its easy to jump out of bed and rush to your lectures looking like a clown (or not go at all… that defo wasn’t me…rolls eyes).  So, for the first look I picked up this clean khaki jacket and some skinny chinos. I kid you not this jacket is one of the comfiest things ever haha. I went for a size up (L) to allow me to sneak in a jumper underneath which I’ll defo need to during the cold winter mornings. Not only is it super comfy but it’s super versatile as well. I also must say Primark have defo Up’d their game with jeans/chinos. I got these chinos for £14 and they are super stretchy and soft, that’s usually a 1/3rd of the price I usually pay at other high street stores. Perfect for a day of lectures or even running day to day errands.

Don’t be afraid to play around with this look. I feel like some tapered black joggers will kill off this look too or even dark blue jeans and some Chelsea boots. Don’t tempt me.

The jacket also comes in Navy and Grey, but why play it safe when you can play it bold. Yaaa get me?

For the second outfit, I went for the smart casual look. Something easy and quick but again so stylish when put together. What caught my eye straight away were these biker jeans. To be honest, I’ve been looking for these kind of biker jeans everywhere but I’ve had no luck what so ever! But Primark saved the day, yet again! They come in green, blue and black. You guessed it…I grabbed all three with no hesitance. I feel like sometimes normal jeans can be super boring and plain. There isn’t really much going on and you need to rely on other areas of your outfit to make it stand out.

But with biker jeans, however,  UHUUUH.

Random – “Those are really nice jeans, Where are they from?”

Me – *smug look* “Ha! Primark”

They’re not only distressed but just make every outfit look super edgy and crisp.  I paired my green ones with a black longline t-shirt and a black denim jacket. Keeping it super minimal. Personally, I feel like with biker jeans you want to keep the top half of your outfit super minimal. Go for plain t-shirts and a simple denim jacket/bomber. You don’t want to overdo it with crazy graphic t-shirts or funky logos. Minimal is the way my G’s.

This looks dope for nights out or even jumping into town for a quick drink with mates. It will make you stand out from the boring black and blue jeans and it’s not too showy offy (I made that word up but you know what I mean LOL) If you want to dress it up, I’d say go for a well fitted white button down and Chelsea boots.

But honestly, Jeans and T-shirts have never looked so good. Thank me later …

For the final look, I went for something a little simpler and classic. I feel like this look is perfect for those final year presentations and makes the formal look come alive. For this look, I paired up a chunky green jumper with a classic white shirt. Not only does this look super presentable but grey and white just go perfectly together. To keep things classy, I went for some classic loafers. For me, loafers are a go to with any formal look. Even if you have a plain outfit, it just gives you the edge that normal shoes can’t.


So there we have it peeps. My three Back to university looks in collaboration with Primark.  Its safe to say Primark have surely got us all covered for the next upcoming academic year. Let me know what you guys think of the looks, as always I’d love to hear your opinions ?!


Shop the looks below;

Look 1:  Jacket + T-shirt + Trousers: £31

Look 2:  Denim Jacket + Longline Tshirt + Biker Jeans  + Trainers: £64

Look 3 :  Jumper + Shirt + Trousers : £30