I’m a sucker for suits. I guess most of us men are, and when a brand like Moss Bros hit you up, you just know your suit game is just going to hit another level.

Last week Moss Bros were kind enough to send me this amazing grey suit from their new SS17 collection, I knew exactly where to shoot this. Bank. Now shooting on a Friday was probably not the best idea (I know, silly me), but I’m pretty pleased with how the pictures turned out

Moss Bros – Snapcat

Moss Bros – Snapcat













The main aim for this campaign shoot was for Moss Bros to showcase their new SS17 suit and tailoring range. The uniqueness of this campaign was the usage of Cats being included in the shoots ( YES, I repeat cats !!). The whole campaign was created entirely in-house by Brand & Creative Director Sotos Georgalli (art direction, stylist  casting ), with photographer Jem Mitchell.

IAmSapra – Moss Bros

All the suits from the collection looked amazing, but this grey suit caught my eye in particular. When looking to buy a suit there are usually 4 main things I take into consideration.

1. The Fit: The major key (yes, a DJ Khaled ref) when buying a suit is just simply the fact that you’ve got to make the fit is true to you. The trick here is to make sure the suit isn’t too tight or too baggy. You’ve got to get it tapered to you. If it brings a slight curve near your hips, You my friend, are good to go.

2. The Lapels: The lapels on a suit are the long side collars which enhance a suit. The bigger the lapels, the more classic the suit looks. If you take a look at the pictures below, The lapel on the suit is so big. It just gives the suit a more gentlemen edge rather then a teenager look. Small lapels are just a no go !

3. Colour: Depending on the season, you’ve got to go for the right colour. During winter, darker colours are more prominent. They tend to blend in perfect with the season. However, during spring/summer, you’ve got to chuck in the lighter colours. You name it, Grey, Blue, White… even Pink! (if you can pull it off that is). Try and be a bit more bold and don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone.

 4. Comfort: Comfort over style any day. Although I’ve written this part last (I don’t know why), Comfort should be your number one priority when buying a new suit. You’ve got to make sure the suit moulds into your body and fits right, but that it’s also comfortable for you. My number one advice would be too always try on the full suit with a shirt – Even if you know your size !

For me, this Moss Bros suit hits all 4 categories perfectly. Not only does it look good, it also feels great. The fabric and details in the suit are impeccable. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you guys think ?

You can shop this look on the Moss Bros website.


IAmSapra – Moss Bros

IAmSapra – Moss Bros


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