Don’t judge a book by its cover. Why you ask? Because you never know where it can take you…

So recently I teamed up with Next Men to showcase their new slick linen suit and loafers. As soon as the clothes arrived I had to do something unique to showcase them and I knew just the place. Daunt Books.

It was around 12 pm when me and Sanvir (@sanvirchana)  planned to come to this sexy ass location to do a shoot. Sanvir surprisingly had got there before me… for once (I was obviously fashionably late – ha! ). But as soon as I stepped inside this book store, it gave me a sense of peace, a sense of calmness. I felt like a kid again, wandering into a book store and just wanting to read and flick through every book.  I think libraries and book stores just have such a calm aura about them, apart from the smell of fresh books, it’s the thought of millions of ideas and stories from all across the globe, stored in one small shop, simply fascinating. I could’ve literally stayed there for hours…

The colour of the suit and location went hand in hand, and the contrast of the images came out amazing. The thing I loved the most about this outfit was how breathable the suit actually was. It can be daunting (daunt books LOL) – mind the pun, wearing a suit in the summer, but this linen one defo did the job !

So if you’re every wandering around London , be sure to check out daunt books ! Grab a coffee, wear a linen suit and start flicking through the pages of a book you probably wouldn’t usually read.

Oh and remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, why? Well,  because you truly never know where a book can take you.

IAmSapra – Daunt Books

IAmSapra – Daunt Books

IAmSapra – Daunt Books