YOOOOO peeps! Your boy Sapra is finally back on the blogs…finally!

Yes, I know I know. I haven’t been filling you guys in with my looks recently, but it’s all good. I’m back and so is the sun in London town. Finally to that too LOL. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason everyone just seems so much happier once the suns out in London! With the first iced latte of the year from Starbucks and the sunglasses on, it just makes me super excited!

ANYWAYS… for this look, I tried to keep it super casual and chilled. I recently picked up these joggers from New look which are literally my fave. If you follow me on my socials you know I wear them all the time. They are literally perfect for this time of the year just because they are super lightweight and breathable. I paired up this look with a white oversized sweatshirt and all white air force ones. For me, air force ones and joggers are always a go-to for a chilled look! They just always work and look super clean.

I was running a few errands around town, but I also knew I was catching up with a couple of my mates after too, to play Fifa (obviously I won the tournament – don’t @ me). So I wanted to stay comfy but not look homeless at the same time. I also chucked on a plain gold necklace I recently picked up from Topman. Topman for me has always been killing it with their accessories. For anyone in London, you need to head to the flagship store in Oxford-street, TRUST ME. If you’re into your accessories, it’s like heaven- they literally have soo much variety. This summer is definitely a necklace season. To be honest… I was never really one for necklaces, I think after 16 I was like “NAAAAH this looks tacky” but I’ve realised if worn right they just enhance your outfit so much more, just like a pocket square does to a suit. It changes the whole look!

I’m pretty pleased with how the images came out! Watcha guys think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below !!

I also just want to thank everyone for the support lately, you’ve all been amazing. I’m so grateful for everyone messaging and commenting on the content on Instagram over the past couple of months. It’s so crazy to think that this time last year I was doing this as a hobby and now I’m working with some amazing global fashion brands. My aim has always been to add value to this blogging industry and to show the industry that we Singhs have so much more to say.

On that note, I’ve got a big announcement coming soon which will expose all the truths about why I started this journey and where I’m looking to take it. Stay tuned peeps, stay tuned…


IAmSapra x