It started a while back. Probably a good four, five months ago, it hit me one night. Initially, I think I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I guess that posed its own challenges from the start. From a young age, I’ve had a passion for fashion and style. I think deep down inside; I always knew I would want to start my own fashion blog- so I said to myself… why not now? That Friday I made the decision to start my own blog and by Monday I was out shooting for IAmSapra.

For me fashion executes confidence. London has undeniably helped my love for fashion grow. Whether it be a walk to the local shops or a tiresome tube journey, the individuality and the uniqueness I come across will always inspire me.  I guess you’ve got to be brought up in an area where being overdressed is an underlying essential. That’s what comes to mind when I hear “London”.

This wasn’t the first shoot I did, but I really wanted it to be on the blog just because of the clean and classic vibe of the shoot. I wanted to go for a Mr Porter kind of vibe, a cool, classic, yet not too smart look. So I went for a white polo with a dark black pair of trousers and chucked on a pair of black classic monk straps. Very contrasting colours, but blended in very well. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with Black & White. 

IAmSapra – Black and White

Nilik Khimani (a good friend of mine and photographer) and I met up in South Kensington. We didn’t really know what we were going for in terms of the shoot, so we walked around the streets of Kensington for a good 20 minutes pretty much just catching up. I think those shoots end up being the best, where you just meet up and go from there. No planning. No preparation. Creativity at its finest.

We came across a street which we thought would look perfect for the shoot. And in-between the pouring rain we got a few decent shots. The colour’s of the outfit and location went hand in hand. Black and white. Very 1970’s British, but with a modern touch.  I think we got some dope shots? Very London-ery (yeah, I just made that word up “rolling eye emoji”)

What do you guys think ?

IAmSapra – Black and White

IAmSapra – Black and White

IAmSapra – Black and White

When it comes to fashion- my only tip is you should be wearing the clothes, the clothes should not be wearing you. Do not be scared to be different and unique. Whatever you do, you have to own it otherwise what’s the point? Let your personality dress you.


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Polo: Reiss

Trousers: Next

Shoes : Zara


Raja x





  1. The writing really complements the amazing pictures. Congratulations.