From a very young age Raja Sapra (aka IAmSapra) has been interested in creativity, culture and fashion. Expressing himself through clothes and style has been a part of his everyday routine. He lives by the motto of “Do it with a passion or not at all”. Currently at university studying Economics, Raja wanted to create a platform to express his creative flares. He believes you can achieve anything you want, with a bit of focus and resilience.

In the past he’s also modelled for companies such as H&M and Duchamp London. Aside from fashion, one of Raja’s greatest achievements (so far) was being elected at 16 as the youngest ambassador for the organisation “City Sikhs”.

With City Sikhs, Raja gives moving speeches and spreads a message of positivity and strength. Raja Sapra has dipped his hands in a little bit of everything, and his journey ahead continues blooming.


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